About the Company

HERTZ connection (connections) to success

HERTZ Polska sp. z o.o. provides a solution with the use of fasteners and fastening systems.

Our product range is used in many branches of industry.
We constantly work on expanding and improving our offer, having in mind the good and satisfaction of our customers.

What distinguishes HERTZ Polska sp. z o.o. is high quality, reliability and professional service.
All our products undergo thorough quality
and strength control, which guarantees the highest quality of our product range.

Our customers can count on fast and reliable delivery of the ordered goods. They can be sure that our products meet stringent quality requirements.

As a company we provide our customers with many unique advantages, which also fit well in the goal of our company:

  • broad and ever-growing product range
  • high quality products
  • purchase directly from the manufacturer
  • efficient and timely delivery
  • competent team of advisers


For clients HERTZ Polska means:

1. reliability

2. professionalism

3. constant striving to improve our offer.

4. trust and satisfaction of our customers

We enjoy confidence of our customers, to whom we have supplied our products for many years. Flexibility and individual approach to the needs of our clients results in high and growing satisfaction of our partners.

We are proud of your confidence.



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Dodatkowo do obowiązujących promocji dołączam jeszcze ofertę promocyjną na wybrane śruby imbusowe:
Towar Cena promocyjna
912M16X60-88 7,58
912M20X70-88B 7,73
912M16X30-88B 7,11
912M20X65-88B 7,94
912M20X75-88B 6,75
912M16X140-88B 6,80
+ dodatkowo 5gr rabatu na każdym 1kg zakupionych nakrętek w poniżej wskazanym okresie.
Oferta ważna od 12 do 18 czerwca 2012r.